US & European Rules

2006 marks a watershed year for environmental legislation on hazardous materials, with tough new rules being introduced worldwide, including the OSHA Cr6+ PEL in the US and the European Union’s RoHS directive.  Combined with the recent ELV and WEEE regulations in Europe and a host of other laws either enacted or under consideration around the globe, the latest rules present a formidable array of restrictions for manufacturers and surface finishers.

Summary of Rules

Rowan Technology advises its clients on clean alternatives to materials and coatings that are under pressure from these and other environmental regulations in the US, Europe or elsewhere.  However, while the most far-reaching aspect of the WEEE and RoHS directives is the mandating of lead-free solders, we do not currently cover lead-free solders on this site because there are many alternative places where the subject is covered in great detail.

For more information on lead solders: