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Information on REACH-




Latest REACH text (including Annex XVII Restrictions and amendments) –

Annex XIV Authorization List –

Candidate List for Authorization –

Previous Proposals for Candidate List for Authorization –

Substances of Very High Concern Identification –

Applications for Authorization –

Adopted Opinions on Authorization

Annex XVII Restriction List –

Annex XVII Submitted Restrictions under Consideration –

Registration List-

Pre-registered Substances-

Registry of Intentions (GHS, SVHCs, Restrictions) –

Community Rolling Action Plan (CoRAP) LIst of substances that EU members plan to evaluate –

Risk Management Option Analysis (RMOA) –


Eurometaux, European Association of Metals

REACH Metals Gateway:



Laws for Chemical Manufacturing-

Laws on Toxic Substances-

Laws on Chromium-

List of Hazardous Pollutants-

EPA List of Environmental Laws and Executive Orders:

Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Reform:

First 10 substances for review:




Permissible Exposure Limits (PELs)-

Hexavalent Chromium-



Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, Priority List of Hazardous Substances 

This list combines toxicity and human exposure, so it contains materials that are essentially non-toxic but widely used.  This puts Al higher on the list than carbon monoxide or chromic acid.


Maine DEP logoMaine  Green Chemistry:  Toxic Chemicals in Children’s Products

Chemicals of  High Concern List –

California Green Chemistry:  Safer Consumer Products

Toxic Substances Control-

Safer Consumer Products –

Safer Consumer Products Chcmical Lists –

Draft Regulations:



SIN list (Priority substances of very high concern)-



Various Legislation and information on chemical substitution in Europe –



US Government Bills in progress – information, text, tracking progress:

Open Congress:



Regulatory Documents:

RoHS Directive-

RoHS Recast-

China RoHS (In English)-

WEEE Directive- WEEE Directive

REACH Directive-

Draft of substances in Annex XIV-

Classification and Labeling (CLP)-

Federal Register, OSHA Hex Cr rules-

Federal Register, EPA Hex Cr rules- Federal Register Vol 77, No 182, p58219-58253, Sep 19, 2012