Market Analyses

Various projects analyzed the market for new or expanded businesses in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Rowan has carried out analyses for companies wanting to expand to new locations, purchase companies, or bring in new technologies coatings, aerospace, mining, and other markets.   Large companies often go to the major consulting firms for market information, but they usually find that products involving advanced materials and coatings are are usually so specialized that the information provided by the large general consulting companies is of little or no use in understanding the true market potential, the market drivers and barriers, or what it will take to enter and grow the market.

Below are a few examples of the many studies we have done:

  • Rare Earths and Other Strategic Materials:  With the volatility in price and availability of strategic materials, including the rare earths, a multinational company was concerned about the projected availability and cost of its raw materials.  Mining and market changes and trends were studied, and options for addressing the issues of cost and scarcity were evaluated, including options to reduce or eliminate strategic materials from certain products.
  • Surface Treatment Shops:    We have carried out numerous analyses for surface treatment shops and coating technologies for companies in the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe.  For example, we carried out a detailed market analysis for a UK company interested in setting up a metal treatment shop in Canada, including market size, characteristics, competitor analysis, site analysis and financials.  A similar analysis was then done for the company’s UK operations.  Often these market analyses are for specific coatings or treatments, or for particular products such as turbine engines, seat tracks, internal coatings, Mg castings, etc.
  • Thermal Spray Markets:  We have evaluated the various markets for thermal spray coatings, including the aerospace and general industrial market in Canada, Canadian and US markets that can be reached from locations near the US-Canadian border, and the markets for specific applications for thermal spray on aerospace and industrial products.
  • PVD Coating Markets:   We have carried out various analyses of vacuum coating markets, including markets for automotive components such as piston rings, valve stems, fuel injectors, gears, coatings for electrical connectors, and ID coatings for tubes and pipes.
  • N. American Market for Mg alloy Products: Mg alloys are used in a great many products, from aircraft  to computers.  This analysis evaluated the market potential for an overseas company to enter the US market.
  • Market Cost Drivers:   One issue with changing technologies is that the cost drivers that made sense at the time the change was made  may no longer be valid as material costs, energy costs, and regulatory drivers change. This study evaluated the likelihood and magnitude of changes in underlying costs to determine whether the company should continue or expand its current approach, or whether it should return to its previous technology.
  • New Technology for Ceramic Fiber Production:  We carried out a very extensive market analysis for a Czech company interested in setting up a business in the US for production of ceramic fibers by an unusual technology. This work involved evaluating the market potential, and working with the company to determine whether the fibers met the necessary mechanical and thermal properties.