Assistance with REACH

Compliance with REACH  is a challenge, even for companies that do not do business in Europe. They can also be affected by the fact that chemical suppliers are abandoning chemicals that have too small a market if Europe is excluded. And companies that produce or sell to Europe are directly affected by Authorizations and Restrictions. Rowan is deeply involved in assisting companies and DoD to deal with REACH:

  • REACH and Defense:  Rowan has developed and periodically updates a report on the “Impact of REACH on DoD”. The latest version is available only to DoD organizations.
  • REACH and manufacturing: We provide information for the Granta materials database on all chemicals used in coatings and surface treatments, either in processing (which affects companies in Europe) and in the materials themselves (which affects both European and non-European companies). Both of these impact defense since US defense systems are sold into Europe or partially manufactured there, and any air or ground vehicle used in Europe becomes subject to these regulations.
  • REACH Watch: We maintain a watch on all chemicals affected by REACH, working in collaboration with Granta in the UK, whose databases keep track of all chemicals and many chemical formulations affected by REACH (such as coating chemicals).
  • Anticipating REACH: For a large multinational company we have developed a methodology for anticipating REACH changes so that they can be dealt with in advance, rather than trying to deal with the problems once chemicals have already been affected.
  • REACH and coatings: Rowan maintains a constant watch on the effect of REACH on coatings and surface treatments through the NASF, advising clients on how to respond.