Rowan Technology Group is engaged in many different types of projects, for a wide range of industries and products, in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Ask what we do and we will ask what you need. If it involves materials and coatings the chances are that we can help, or at least steer you to someone who can. The links below take you to abbreviated lists of some of our past and current projects:

Assistance with REACHRowan is deeply involved in assisting DoD, European and US companies to deal with REACH

Technologies and Markets for Replacing Chromium and Cadmium Plating: Identifying the best alternatives to chromates, Cr and Cd plating to reduce pollution while improving performance.

Market Analysis: Analyses in the areas of coatings, surface treatments, materials and high-technology products.

Investment AnalysisFor investors and manufacturers wanting to invest in the best high technology and materials companies.

Technology Tracking: When there is a need to keep track of critical or competitive technologies and markets over time.

On-demand Consulting: For organizations needing periodic expertise.

Failure Analysis: When you need a solution to product or coating failures before (or after) they create serious damage.

Technology Mapping: To understand long-term technology development needs.