REACH Solutions

The highly complex European REACH regulations are an enormous risk for any company doing business in Europe, or even providing products to any customer  with an international business.

Granta and Rowan are now collaborating to provide a full service to engineering enterprises for developing and implementing compliance and risk management strategies for restricted substances, with particular  emphasis on  successfully implementing coating substitution.  The combination of Granta‘s databases with Rowan’s expertise in materials and coatings provides a unique capability to assist companies with technical compliance issues.

Granta Design, based in Cambridge, England, it is the world’s foremost materials information company whose materials databases  are used across the world.  Granta databases power the ASM materials information system and underlie the MMPDS database of aerospace alloys.  Granta and Rowan are collaborating on the coatings database that is now an integral part of the  Granta MI:Restricted Substances product, which includes all of the information on restricted materials under REACH and most other environmental and chemicals regulations.  Granta’s software tools, materials data, and materials database solutions provide engineering enterprises with the knowledge they need to make better materials decisions while designing for environmental objectives and regulations.

Rowan’s expertise includes REACH, RoHS, and other regulations, and how they affect the use of materials, coatings, and surface treatments.  While many organizations have experience in these regulations Rowan has the depth of technical knowledge to provide reliable information on the effect of these regulations on products and the materials used in them.  This includes the availability and performance of alternatives to banned and restricted materials such as cadmium and hexavalent chromium, and  detailed information such as which chromate-free passivation can be used for which types of coatings.

Services include:

  • Evaluation of whether your product or process is compliant with REACH, RoHS and other regulations
  • Evaluation of the risk of  future regulation and customer de-selection of your products (including the risk for  REACH Authorization and Restriction of chemicals in your formulations)
  • Assistance with identifying and implementing low risk alternatives to materials that are restricted or likely to be  regulated
  • Computational galvanic corrosion prediction to ensure that alternative materials, coatings, and treatments do not cause unexpected galvanic interactions in complex assemblies.

The Granta website can be found at the following link: