General Consulting Services



Examples from Rowan projects

REACH & Regulation


Regulatory risk

Identifying regulatory risk. Example: guidelines on anticipating REACH changes for multinational manufacturer.
We provide this service in collaboration with Granta in the UK

Compliant Alternatives

Selecting alternatives and assistance in adoption. Example: alternative to chromated Zn for Naval electrical system.

Corrosion Analysis


Galvanic Corrosion Prediction

Computational prediction and solution of galvanic corrosion in mixed metal assemblies. Example: wing lug and wheel corrosion in F-18. We provide this service in collaboration with Corrdesa

Alternatives for Cd, chromates

Identify and help implement most effective alternatives available. Example: options for numerous F-35 components made in N America, UK, Netherlands.

Technology Evaluation Services


Technology Search

Worldwide search for the best technology for the application. Example: finding a way to deposit a heater layer on a metal tube.

Technology Analysis

Understanding the technology, stage of development, capabilities and limitations, cost-benefits. Example: deciding which Cd alternative will work best for a specific aircraft part made in the Netherlands.

Technology Development/ Production

Developing, adapting, bringing to production. Example: bringing HVOF in-house to replace contract plating.

Investment Analysis

Evaluating whether a technology is worth investing in. Example: which nanomaterials company makes the best investment.

Make-buy decisions

Deciding whether it is best to bring a technology in-house or have the work done outside. Example: deciding whether an aluminum can-making tool coating exists that can be done in-house.

Market Analysis Services

 Standard Products

N. American or European market for surface treatments

Determining the market characteristics, size, growth, etc. Determining market advantage and what it will take to enter the market. Example: detailed market evaluation for a Canadian coating shop to serve Eastern Canada and
northern US.

Technical characteristics of market

Understanding the technologies used in the market for a particular item, what the technology trends are, what innovations customers are looking for. Example: market for specialized O-ring seals.