New Corrosion Prediction software wins industry award

Our corrosion prediction company, Corrdesa LLC, in Atlanta GA, is growing and developing new technologies to help engineers reduce corrosion. Corrdesa has just introduced new easy-to-use software called Corrosion Djinn, see

At the NACE 2017 Corrosion Conference in New Orleans Corrdesa received a Materials Performance Corrosion Innovation of the Year Award (see the list of prizewinners in Materials Performance. An article about the use of computational methods for corrosion assessment using a combination of methods including Corrosion Djinn and Finite Element Siemens Star CCM+ will appear in the April edition of Materials Performance magazine.

Even though the on-line Corrosion Djinn software is very easy to use, it represents an important advance for galvanic corrosion protection because it is based on calculating the actual corrosion current across the interface between two materials. This is a major advance on the old galvanic tables and specifications such as MIL-STD-889B, which often give completely the wrong answer because galvanic corrosion severity is determined by corrosion currents between materials, not their potential difference, ΔE. In fact, NAVAIR, the defense organization in charge of US Naval aircraft, is working on modifying MIL-STD-889B to base it correctly on current instead of ΔE, and Corrosion Djinn is the only prediction software on the market able to make this calculation without resorting to very complex and expensive Computer Aided Engineering methods.